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How to correctly iron the velvet

Care of clothes

The most luxurious and exquisite clothes at all times considered products from velvet. This tissue is able to envelop the body, emphasizing the slightest bends. Each movement in velvet clothing creates the effect of a flowing, flying gait. And every breath of wind reflects on the velvet with a soft wave, with deep overflows. Velvety things increase the self-esteem of the bearer as soon as she sees her reflection in the mirror.

Caring for things from velvet is not at all difficult, but there are features. A gentle pile of velvet requires a careful attitude. That is why our cleaning company shares recommendations how to keep an excellent look of clothes from velvet:

  •  It is very simple to bring in a neat look a velvet, slightly rumpled product. This will help to moisture. It is necessary to hang clothes on the hangers in a room with high humidity, for example in the bathroom. Under the influence of moist air, the crushed villi of the velvet will be smoothed out.
  • Strongly jammed things can be smoothed with hot steam. To do this, use a steam cleaner, steam iron in an iron or simply hold it over a pot of boiling water. This procedure will easily straighten the deformed places on the velvet.
  • There is another method of steaming. To do this, you need to put a dry blanket on the table, moistened with hot water on top and a folded linen sheet several times folded, and a velvet thing to be pinned on it. From above also cover with a sheet.
  • It is important to iron clothes from velvet only from the wrong side. To do this, it is necessary to fold the faces to each other so that the villi touch. Ironing is through a damp rag. The movement of the iron should cover the entire surface of the thing.
  • Sometimes they prefer to iron “on weight”. One end of the thing is to be fixed on the ironing board, and the second is stretched and through gauze, with a slightly heated iron, make movements.

Our cleaning company offers: cleaning, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home, disinfection, desinsection, cleaning after repair.

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