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How to clean the oven glass

How to clean

Even the most accurate mistress can not avoid the brown stains of burned fat on the walls and glass of the oven door. This happens because the moisture and the fat released during the preparation of the dish, settle on the walls and burn under the influence of high temperature.

Oven glass door sink

There are several ways to counter this. Do not pay attention and when the deep cleaning in the kitchen comes, wash the oven thoroughly. The disadvantage is that it will take more time and effort. Since the more carbon is formed, the more difficult it is to wash it. But the main trouble is that with each subsequent cooking an unpleasant smell of burning will be felt.

How to wash the glass door of the oven

The second more effective method is not to wait for general or daily cleaning in the kitchen, and to take care of the oven immediately after its use, after half an hour, when the walls and the door will cool off. It is enough to wipe them with a clean damp cloth inside and outside the glass door.

Detergent for oven glass door

Do not wash with a wet rag or pour water on the door, as the double glass after such a procedure may cause staining. And to get rid of leaks you have to spend a lot of energy. If the fat is badly burned, then the fresh plaque can easily be removed with dishwashing detergent

In no case should not apply hard brushes, reticulums, abrasive cleaners that can damage the integrity of the surface. Life hacks for cleaning offer to crumble a small piece of foil they can wipe and clean the contaminated area.

Clean glass oven door

After removing stains, the glass surface must be wiped with a moisture absorbing microfibre cloth. Every ideal kitchen cleaning does not go past the kitchen furniture facades and the oven door. Without a clean, shiny oven, cleaning the house looks unfinished.

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