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How to clean the mirror correctly

How to clean

Modern interior is often filled with mirrors or products from them. Even in the most ascetic house there is always a mirror in the bathroom or hallway. And boudoir women and girls seem impossible without this attribute of beauty. Cleaning apartment / house / cottage with a limited number of mirrors is not particularly difficult, washing a small sized mirror is easy. But to clean the mirror surface of a significant size, so that there are no divorces, it takes time and effort.

Our cleaning company applies special equipment and facilities for this. Therefore, for us this is not a difficult task.

Specialists will not only quickly and efficiently clean the mirrors, but will also prompt how best to do it at home:

  1. For high-quality cleaning of mirror surfaces, it is necessary to use windshield wipers with a sprayer that do not contain ammonia. They are effective only for glasses.
  2. It does not mean better. Do not put a lot of wiper on the mirror, it will be harder to remove, leaving no streaks.
  3. Wipe off the dust, rub the mirror surface only with a dry, soft rag without lint. Try, it seemed, not the right thing in the form of rags – kapron tights, they are very praised by the mistress.
  4. A secret liquid that will easily clean the mirror from traces of hairspray, fingers, any divorce is alcohol, cologne or vodka. It is enough to wet the microfiber napkin lightly and rub it hard on the surface.
  5. They like mirror surfaces and antistatic. After bringing the mirror in order, apply a small amount of it on a napkin, which will be polished. This will protect against rapid settling of dust and prolong the well-groomed appearance of the mirror.
  6. Do not use car cleaners to clean the mirror surfaces, their composition is more suitable for the care of the glass.
  7. Cleaning often uses the usual way of rubbing glasses and mirrors with crumpled newspapers. It must be left in the past. Ingredients used for printing can damage mirror surfaces.

Our cleaning company will help you to do any housework. In our arsenal: cleaning windows, deep cleaning, cleaning in the office, cleaning after repair, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture.


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