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How to clean gold

How to clean

When we buy new gold jewelry, they do not cease to please us with their noble warm shine. Over time, it becomes less visible, micro scratches are filled with dust, dirt, then make decorations dimmer. Can not anything be done and restore to them the pristine beauty? It is possible and very easy. We just need to clean our jewelery shop in a quick and high-quality way. And if you know the composition of solutions that are easy to prepare at home, then you can do it yourself.

Gold cleaning

Our cleaning company has prepared several recommendations on how to clean gold at home:

  1. Clean the gold regularly.
  2. Place the decorations in the cleaning solution “with the head”, so that the product is completely covered.
  3. If you apply heat treatment (heat solution), then exclude jewelry with pearls and stuck stones, this can seriously spoil the gold thing.
  4. The simplest and most effective method is soaking for 10-12 hours in salt warm water. The solution should be very saturated, in a glass of water, pour 6 tablespoons of table salt. After the expiration of the exposure time, rinse thoroughly under running water and wipe dry.
  5. Very good reviews received a solution consisting of ½ cup hot water, a small amount of washing powder, 10 m hydrogen peroxide and 10 ml ammonia. In it, you need to soak the jewelry for 1 hour, then rinse and wipe.
  6. Toothpaste perfectly cleans not only teeth, but also gold things. Squeeze a small amount of it into an old toothbrush (soft) and use intensive movements to clean the jewelry. Then rinse thoroughly under running water. This is the most effective way of cleaning ornaments with a pattern or ornament.

Gold jewelery cleaning

Our cleaning company offers to conduct: cleaning the office, cleaning the apartment, cleaning the area, disinfection, desinsection. A lot of other services can be ordered and know their cost by calling us.

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