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How to clean from snow roof

Clean house

In winter, everyone is looking forward to the snow: a beautiful, fluffy, cheerful child, skiers, laying the ground with a white veil and warming it from frost. However, not everyone has the same fun in the snowfall. Owners of private houses and cottages see a lot of problems in abundant snow sands. And if a lot of snow in the yard, fraught with the need to clear the tracks, then the abundance of snow on the roof can seriously damage it. This can cause pressure on the roof, deform it in certain areas, damage the coating than provoke the appearance of leaks.
Therefore, snow cleaning should be carried out in a timely manner and should not be allowed to last long. If the house is tall, you do not need to take risks and try to do it yourself. Order an agency for cleaning up industrial climbing and do not worry about your safety. Our cleaning company will be able to gently clean snow from the roofs, icicles, icicles, regardless of the height of the house / cottage. Our specialists work on roofs with a steep slope, any complex configuration.

It uses safety support and equipment. If all the same, cleaning the roof from the snow will be carried out independently, then use the following tips:

  1. Wear clothing that will be both warm and comfortable at the same time, not blocking your movements.
  2. Shoes should be draped with a sturdy non-slip soles.
  3. Along the perimeter of the roof you need to put the fence, for all the time cleaning the roof from the snow.
  4. Every snow cleaning is carried out only with a plastic or wooden shovel, without a metal tip.
  5. The directions of snow clearing must be selected from the edge to the roof edge.
  6. It is not necessary to scratch the icing that you find under the snow on the roof. After cleaning the snow it melts on its own.
  7. If you clean the roof, snow drifts from the ground, then use a scraper scraper with a handle that is mounted or a special snow shovel with a long cut.

Our cleaning company provides snow removal services. To order the snow removing, you can calculate the cost by the phone numbers indicated on the site.

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