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How to clean copper cookware

How to clean

In today’s abundance of porcelain and faience, the demand for copper utensils has receded into the background. However, it has become an excellent attribute in the design of interior decoration. Many ancient samovars, plates, dishes, teapots and jugs began to decorate our houses. But the cleanness and brilliance of them has long since faded, but how to animate and rub them knows not everyone.

Copper cleaning

The simplest and most affordable methods were collected by our cleaning company and shared by them:

  1. Vinegar or citric acid will easily cope with the cleaning of the copper surface. The only thing that needs to be considered – the products should not be varnished, acid can harm it.
  2. Lemon or lime should be cut in half, dipped in a fine salt and the halves obtained rub the copper thing.
  3. A heavily soiled, oxidized surface can be cleaned by wrapping it with a batter from: a glass of vinegar with a tablespoon of salt and dried mustard. The last one needs to be added so that the mixture looks like a dough, on a pancake. Exposure time should be closer to 30 minutes. After the dough, remove with a cloth, wash and polish with a crumpled newspaper.
  4. You can polish copper objects with chalk, water with ammonia.

Copper cleaning

Each item can add personal charm, make the interior unusual, but regular cleaning is important as air. Without it, not one object can not shine. Our cleaning company offers services: deep cleaning, cleaning after repair, fire, cleaning windows, dry cleaning of furniture.

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