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How to clean bronze

How to clean

Bronze things are exquisite home decorations. They breathe old times, courage, legends and fairy tales from them. Creating a stylish interior, rarely anyone thinks, why on their surface over time appears a blue-green coating. It spoils the appearance of the thing and can create the impression of a well-groomed, damp room, in which bronze stands.

Bronze cleaning
The finest film – patina, which protects bronze from harmful effects, sometimes undergoes destruction. It is affected by moisture, harmful substances and this provokes the appearance of corrosion of metal. To avoid this, you need to take care of the bronze things. Our cleaning company gathered the recommendations of specialists and shares them:

  1. Do not store bronze in damp areas. There are special thermometers that measure the state of airspace. They are available for free sale, by purchasing such a measuring device, it is possible to control the humidity in the room.
  2. Dry flannel rags can serve as a means of regular cleaning.
  3. Do not use chemical cleaners, abrasive, hard, metal brushes, these tools are completely inappropriate and can scratch the bronze coating.
  4. One of the natural cleansers is a paste made of lemon juice and baking soda. It is worth mixing and carefully whisking these ingredients. With a mixture of circular motions, use a soft cloth to rub the bronze surface for several minutes in one place. Then leave for a few minutes the paste for things and then rinse with warm water. Wipe dry afterwards.
  5. It is very important to perform thorough intensive cleaning only if there is a lot of pollution, because the probability of spoiling the surface always remains.
  6. Slow down the formation of corrosion on the bronze object will help wax. It should be applied in small amounts and rubbed intensively with a woolen rag.

Bronze Cleaning Tips

Our cleaning company will help to bring the apartment / house / cottage in perfect condition. Cleaning, deep cleaning, cleaning after repair, dry cleaning of furniture at home, disinfection – these and many other services in our daily arsenal.

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