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How to clean blinds

How to clean

Sometimes blinds on windows can supplant the usual curtains. This is because manufacturers annually develop their quality and improve their appearance. Today there is a huge amount of them available: horizontal and vertical, plastic and textile. But apart from its aesthetic look for every taste, they carry out many important functions. However, like any surface, over time, they are polluted by collecting dust, grease and dirt.

Therefore, our cleaning company shares the recommendations on how to wash the blinds at home:

  1. If horizontal or vertical blinds need to be cleaned without removing the window, then first of all, they need to be closed. Converting to a single canvas, they are easily subjected to a dry finish with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Clean the blinds on both sides. This will allow them to freshen up, free from dust accumulation.
  2. If plastic horizontal blinds can be removed and washed, then perform this procedure in the bathroom. Use detergent and sponges. Pay attention to each piece of blinds, braids, rub and rinse thoroughly with running water
  3. Textile vertical and horizontal blinds have a special dust-repellent layer, so they are sometimes only enough to vacuum clean. If they are heavily soiled, first try to handle them with a window cleaning. If the contamination is left – remove them, disconnect plastic fasteners, roll it and soak in a soap solution. Clean the blinds just enough to soak. The solution can be added to the cooking salt. The exposure time for soaking can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the condition of the blinds. After rinse thoroughly under running cold water when it stains – hang up. They dry up and under the weight of their own weight, they completely dissolve.

Our cleaning company can carry out the service deep cleaning, which includes the ordering of blinds. In the arsenal of our company: cleaning the territory, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, disinfection, desinsection, cleaning after the fire.

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