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How to clean a crystal chandelier

How to clean

A crystal chandelier is an attribute of a luxurious, expensive interior. On a sunny day, when rays hit the crystal pendants, they shimmer with millions of colors and throw cheerful sunbeams on the walls. It is this feature that crystal chandeliers are so dear to connoisseurs of beauty and only from such a chandelier can this rainbow effect. Despite their uniqueness, they do not require complex technologies in care. Cleaning in the house with such a lighting device on the ceiling is done in the usual way, but has small features.

Our cleaning company shares them:

  1. If the chandelier is not heavily soiled, it is regular cleaning weekly, then simply clean the chandelier from dust. To do this, we recommend using a panicle of feathers and putting on your hands rag gloves. This will avoid traces of fingers on the pendants. The panicle must be dusted in one direction, descending from the top of the chandelier down.
  2. When the time comes, the pendants shine less, the situation will be saved by the wet cleaning of the crystal chandelier. The most effective means are special aerosols, which can be bought in supermarkets. Foam from an aerosol is carefully sprayed with elements of a chandelier. Then the foam will drain, remove all the dust and dirt, and the lenses will shine like new ones.
  3. It is very good to wash the crystal chandelier with a window cleaner and after cleaning the pendants wipe them with a solution of water with ammonia. Where 1 liter of cold water is added 2 tablespoons of ammonia.
  4. If you want to do without special tools, follow the simple rules: you can not leave on the crystal elements scratches, soapy water and traces of water. To do this, do not use abrasive cleaners, brushes and use only cold water.

Our cleaning company offers: deep cleaning, dry cleaning of furniture, cleaning after repair and many other services.

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