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How to avoid christmas tree needle drop

Useful little things

When you decide to decorate an apartment / house for a New Year holiday with live spruce or pine, at the same time you want it to remain fresh for as long as possible. Do they affect any parameters when choosing a Christmas tree? Or the conditions of her life in your home? Can I apply any drugs to prolong its freshness? Or maybe there were alternative ways of installing living plants?

Caring for the Christmas tree

On these and many other questions our cleaning company prepared the answers:

  1. When selecting spruce or pine, pay attention to the state of the branches and trunk. The tips of the branches should not be dry and brittle, the trunk of the spruce should be covered with flexible needles, and the cut of the trunk of the pine should be light.
  2. For better adaptation of the tree, do not put it directly into the room, after the frost, let it be better for a few hours to stand on the balcony.
  3. It is not recommended to install a Christmas tree near the radiators of the battery, dry and warm air will quickly dry the tree.
  4. When buying in specialized stores or equipped markets, you can purchase liquid to supply the cut plant. Such feeding is more effective than other means of preserving the tree.
  5. Pay attention to the spruce growing in the flowerpot – this is the best option. She can solve several problems at once. With regular watering, the tree will grow until the spring, and after it can be planted in the yard. Such a Christmas tree does not need to be taken out after a holiday, to be afraid of crumbling needles and this is an ecologically important act.

What to do so that the tree does not crumble

Prepare for the holiday, wash the house to shine, you can clean the territory with the help of a cleaning company. Cleaning, deep cleaning, office cleaning, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, desinsection, dry cleaning of leather furniture are our daily tasks. Call and order!

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