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How correctly to air the room in winter

Clean house

For man, breathing is one of the most basic factors of life. Fresh air, in the volume of the green forest is not always available to us. However, the level of carbon dioxide in any room is an order of magnitude higher than on the city, gassed by road traffic. That’s why the air circulation, its movement from the room to the street and vice versa is important. Every day this can be provided by airing. We regularly open the window or windows entirely. But in the winter, cold period of time, there are features that help keep the heat in the room and provide fresh air at the same time.

Our cleaning company shares practical recommendations on how to optimally ventilate in winter:

  1. It is very important to let fresh air into the open window in the winter and not let off the heat. This can be achieved by opening the window for 10-15 minutes several times a day. During this time, the situation in the room will not have time to get cold, and the flow of fresh air will be able to penetrate into the change of carbon dioxide.
  2. During severe frosts, reduce the ventilation time to 5 minutes. Open the window wide, let in the freezing clean air and close tightly after 5 minutes. Thus, not only ventilation, but also disinfection will be realized.
  3. If you are away at home all day, ventilate your housing right before bedtime.
  4. Wet cleaning helps to freshen, or rather to moisten the air, dried radiators batteries and other heaters.

Our cleaning company offers a range of services: cleaning, deep cleaning, cleaning in the office, cleaning windows, desinsection, cleaning the area.


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