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Features of winter cleaning of apartment

Clean house

Cleaning of the apartment / house / cottage is carried out by each hostess with different frequency, consistency and volume. However, there are moments that many people do almost unequivocally without agreeing. One of them is knocking out carpets on fresh snow.

This kind of absolutely dry cleansing can safely compete with professional dry cleaners. Sometimes, it seems that this exercise is as important in the winter as an adult, like skating on sleds or skating for children. Our cleaning company decided to consider this type of winter cleaning in more detail:

  1. Cleaning carpets in the snow is an absolute eco-cleaning, it does not involve any chemical.
  2. The simplest method of cleaning, it may not require any means other than a broom.
  3. At the same time, cleaning, airing and disinfection of the carpet is carried out. No germs can survive in the cold, in the snow.

The only recommendation is: choose a dry day, fluffy snow, so that it is easily applied to the carpet and as quickly and easily swept away from it, did not hide and wet the coating.


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