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About us

  • History CFservice

    CFservice was founded in 2010.

    From 2010 to 2012, we entered the cleaning market, started practicing and gathering experience.

    From 2012 to 2014 we continued to practice, accumulate experience and began to receive regular customers.

    Between 2014 and 2016, the number of regular customers in the clearing has exceeded 100. After analyzing customer requests, we also began providing small household repair services.

    From 2016 to the present, we are systematically working to improve the marketing and quality of the services provided. Our goal is to make cleaning and minor repairs for our customers with simple and affordable services.

  • Main about CFservice

    We clean. You relax.

    CFservice is a cleaning and fixing company that has provided an easy way to book, schedule, and manage all your cleaning and fixing appointments online.

    We care about our reputation and your safety. Therefore, all our employees (cleaners, workers, office managers) are regularly tested on polygraph (lie-detector).

    All employees undergo special training both in direct duties (cleaning, repair, fixing), and in the ethics of working with the client. The quality of their work is controlled by 50 points checklist.

    Ready to relax? You can book here. Once you have booked our services, we will send one of our cleaning professionals to make your space sparkle!

  • Quality assurance of CFservice

    Each of our cleaning ends with quality control by 50 points.

    The senior brigade traverses the object and notes the execution of each item so that nothing is accidentally forgotten or omitted.

About services

  • How to order CFservice services?
    1. Calculation and agreement of cost

    You can calculate the cost on the calculator yourself or use the help of a call-center.

    The final cost is confirmed when placing an order.

    1. Ordering

    Call us or send an application through the site (to you will call back). Check the date and time.

    1. Brigade departure, cleaning / fixing

    In most cases, we can start cleaning and repair on the day of treatment. At the agreed time, a team of specialists comes to the facility.

    The length of cleaning the apartment or office lasts from 4 to 8 hours. The composition of the brigade depends on the amount of work.

    We use professional equipment and chemistry.

    1. Quality control, acceptance of works, payment

    Quality control of cleaning takes place on 50 point checklist.

    If you have any comments – be sure to tell us, we will correct it.

    Payment is made after receiving the work in a way convenient for you.

  • Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

    No, you don`t need.

    We use and provide environmentally friendly supplies and nearly all equipment required for cleaning your apartment.

    At your wish and request we can also use your cleaning products, which you prefer and trust.

    If we use your cleaning products, then:
    – the cost of cleaning does not change;
    – responsibility for their effectiveness lies with you.

  • What is your schedule?

    CFservice works always.

    We work 7 days a week.

    From 8:00 to 20:00 on weekdays.

    From 10:00 to 16:00 on weekends.

    In these ranges, choose the time convenient for you.

  • Can I give specific instructions to the cleaners and ask for special requests?

    Yes, you can. But they need to be coordinated.

    If you have special instructions and requests for cleaning or repair, please check with the CFservice representative at the time of placing your order.

    We will try our best to satisfy your wishes. But, unfortunately, we are not all-powerful.

  • Why get your office cleaned?

    The office is your face in front of clients, partners and employees.

    We understand that a clean workspace can reduce the likelihood of employees getting sick, thus allowing your business to be more productive (and more profitable).

    By the appearance of the office your visitors will judge you and your services. Yes, and you will agree, it is simply pleasant to live and work in cleanliness.

About payment

  • How do I pay?

    The payment is made after the service on the CFservice account through Privat24, Visa, MasterCard.

    We do not accept cash payments. If you have only cash, please pay in bank.

    Tips may be given in cash form (optional).

  • Do I leave a tip?

    You decide. But! You will never be hinted at or asked for a tip.

    Our specialists are forbidden to make obvious or hidden hints about tips or additional payments for services.

    Tips remain at your discretion.


No problem. Leave your phone and our managers will contact you. You will receive answers to all questions regarding our service.