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Dressing fabrics

Care of clothes

There is such a thing as dressing fabrics. This is the process of their final finishing, applying on top special substances of sizing agents, capable of giving the tissues the most protective properties. The main examples are: stiffness, nesminaemost, fire resistance, moisture repellency, dirt repelling, non-shrinking, resistance to mold and rot. The most common accessories include: starch, glue, synthetic resin. Naturally, each landlady seeks to give and preserve an excellent look to her things, as long as possible. That is why our cleaning company shares tips on how to dress the fabric at home.

What is a fabric finish?

The simplest and most affordable method is starching the fabric after washing. The most effective are cotton and linen. They are difficult to perfectly iron and after they easily crumple again. If, however, to starch such a thing, a very thin film forms on it, which solidifies under the action of a hot iron, perfectly smooths the surface of the fabric and gives a fine well-groomed luster.

The starch finish is based on a paste, which is isolated from potato or corn starch. It is easy to prepare yourself, for this you need to carefully stir a teaspoon of starch in a small amount of cold water. After a thin trickle the resulting mixture pour into boiling water and boil for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Creating a gruel in cold water, you will avoid the formation of lumps. The more minutes the starch will be boiled, the thicker it will be. After the preparation of the paste, you need to add it to the basin with water and immerse the necessary linen there: bed sets, tablecloths, napkins, laces, shirts and much more.

Today, a lot of tools for sizing are sold in stores, these are aerosols for starching. They are able not only to facilitate ironing, but also to repel pollution from themselves.

Our cleaning company offers a wide range of services, including: cleaning, deep cleaning, cleaning the office, cleaning after a fire, after repair cleaning.

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