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Deep cleaning in kitchen

Clean house

Deep cleaning in the kitchen – struck her hour! The biggest mistake is to put things in order in every closet, shelf, wash the tiled apron, refrigerator, hood, stove, windows and even the ceiling without a special plan. Of course, all these manipulations can be performed within one day, but what then? Broken and tired, unpleasant memories, sediment and unwillingness of the next cleaning.

How to achieve a thorough order and at the same time save forces and save time. The first thing that comes to mind is to apply to a cleaning agency. However, if cleaning is to be done on your own, is there really no special secret to how to do it quickly and without difficulty? Our cleaning company has prepared several practical tips on how to facilitate this task:

  1. Very difficult eat the elephant, but it becomes much more real, if i divide it to pieces. In the same way, do the general cleaning. Mentally break it into several parts. Move from top to bottom, in any one direction, for example clockwise.
  2. Start from the early morning, after night rest in the organism of more free energy, work will easily and energy. Then there are all chances.
  3. Necessarily regulate cleaning time, for example, take each mental site for no more than 30 minutes.
  4. Make audits of cabinets with groups, sauces, fryer frames.
  5. Do not throw garbage on the floor, in the hope that soon it will be washed, but immediately throw it into bags.
  6. Necessarily use all available DETERGENTS, often they will easily erase the most stale, fatty spots.
  7. Important objects of deep cleaning service plate, oven, refrigerator, window. Try not to miss them.
  8. Draw attention washing with household appliances.
  9. Finish cleaning needed with washing floors.

If for some reason you did not manage to cover all the desired amount of cleaning, do not worry. Try to bring the general view to the logical end and the remaining piece finish later or another day. You can not get tired and lose interest in putting things in order. It is more effective not to postpone for a long time, but to conduct deep cleaning once a month.

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