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Cleanness – guarantee of successful business development

Office shine

How the success of a business depends on cleanliness directly, can be seen in case examples. Today in Ukraine there is a popular television program that invites viewers to cafes and restaurants across the country. A similar TV show exists in the US and various countries of Europe. So, even with the most unconditionally prepared dishes, the presence in the staff of the famous chefs, if the program illuminates the lack of cleanliness, especially irresponsible cleaning the kitchen – people do not want to visit these catering establishments. And after all, attracting customers is the key to successful business development. The results of the research noted five main factors that adversely affect the re-visit of a restaurant, cafe or diner.

The effect of cleanliness on business

These include:

  • dirty or slippery floor;
  • overcrowded trash bins, small rubbish, cigarette butts, dust;
  • a non-working or not washed toilet;
  • dirty, sticky dishes;
  • untidy interior, table, chairs.

Clean - the key to a successful business

Unpleasant smell, rancid butter, fried dishes discourages the desire to visit the institution. And even if once a person is forced to eat in it, the second time he will not want to return. Therefore, in such places, daily cleaning of premises, deep cleaning and disinfection by special employees (cleaners) is especially important. Cleanliness is always easier to maintain after the work of cleaning company professionals. They can assist in establishing a thorough order after repairs, before and after banquets, emergencies and also accept an order for a regular cleaning service.

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