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Alternative uses of clothes pins

Useful little things

No cleaning can do without washing clothes. Every person knows the usual household clothespins for drying clothes. Sometimes we do not use them, and sometimes they are just necessary. For example, when drying clothes on the street in windy weather. However, they have perfectly found their application not only for this.

So, if there are no stitches on kitchen towels, stitches, and there is no time or desire to sew or sew them, then ordinary wooden clothes pegs can help. They can be glued on a wooden rack, placed in a row, or in staggered order. You can do without racks, and attach clothespins directly to the wall with glue or screws. If you shorten one of the “tails”, then use this device will be more convenient.

Their use of clothespins can be found in the home workplace. With their help, you can attach important notes, and small items that should be in sight.

Decorative clothespins of unusual, larger sizes can be used in the hallway instead of shelves for hats and hooks for umbrellas and bags. And here are some more ideas not of the standard application of clothespins:

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